DEPRESSION  |  Frontiers in Psychology 2023

A Multimodal Dialog Approach To Mental State Characterization in Clinically Depressed, Anxious, and Suicidal Populations

J. Cohen, V. Richter, M. Neumann, D. Black, A. Haq, J. Wright-Berryman and V. Ramanarayanan

DEPRESSION / MODALITY PLATFORM  | International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems 2023

Impact of Synthetic Voice and Avatar Animation on The Usability of a Dialogue Agent for Digital Health Monitoring

H. Kothare, D. Habberstad, M. Neumann, S. White, D. Pautler and V. Ramanarayanan

DEPRESSION  |  58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Workshop on NLP for Medical Conversations 2020

On the Utility of Audiovisual Dialog Technologies and Signal Analytics for Real-time Remote Monitoring of Depression Biomarkers

M. Neumann, O. Roesler, D. Suendermann-Oeft, and V. Ramanarayanan